Alnor partner for HVAC items

The company ALNOR Systemy Wentylacji started activity on the market in the year 1994 as a producer of spiro ventilation ducts. Young and dynamic team ensured the company the leader position as producer of round ducts on the polish market.

In the year 2004 ALNOR moved to the modern plant in Wola Mrokowska close to Warsaw, what gave possibilities to spread products adding rectangular ducts and ventilation accessories.

Power of innovation

Dynamic organization, excellent terms of cooperation, modern plant facilities and innovative undertakings guarantee that ALNOR is a one of the faster growing companies in this branch.

Reliable foundations

Are you looking for complete ventilation system? They have what you are looking for and additionally in good quality and low price. Competitive and required markets do not have time for surprises and not reliable partners.

Spiral Ducting & Fittings

Efficient and complete ventilation system for industrial and domestic use requires a series of reliable components all of which you can find in Alnor’s offer. Thanks to their experience, regularly expanded knowledge as well as perfectly equipped technical facilities they can provide you with items varying from ductwork support systems, through dampers and louvres, to grilles, diffusers and silencers. All of them are not only efficient (even during intense usage), but also remain resistant to chemicals and corrosion (depending on material of the selected model). They put great emphasis on transparency, which is why their every product has listed applications, used materials and obtained certifications. This way you can be sure that STRUT system, flexible or spiral ducting, fittings and any other item will provide the results you expect – or even exceed all expectations.

STRUT assembly system

The STRUT type assembly elements make an entire system designed for suspending and mounting various types of ventilation, installation and construction elements.

The main component of the system are the LDB assembly profiles of the Strut type provided with all kinds of L-shaped, trapezoidal and rectangular connectors – fixed and movable.

The important elements also include the ST-ROOF type roof feet which are designed specifically to distribute the load of such elements as generators and AHU units over a larger area of the roof.

Such elements as the W-LDB consoles are used for suspending heavy ventilation and air conditioning units to walls.