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Panel, Doors and Windows

BOHAMET S.A. was established in 1985, they enjoy a strong market position and recognition among their customers, both in Poland and abroad.

They offer a wide range of products and specialize in:
• marine products (windows, doors, portlights, wipers),
• industrial fittings,
• glass manufacturing
• metalworking,
• mining products.

The company owns state-of-the-art machinery and extensive storage facilities.The highest quality of their products and services was confirmed by ISO 9001:2000 certificate. Bohamet is a company with tradition, yet they closely observe the latest market trends and implement new technologies to meet changing needs and requirements of their existing and potential customers. The company is located in Ciele near Bydgoszcz. They cooperate with many local suppliers as well as European manufacturers. The high product quality is guaranteed by numerous certificates of compliance and quality certificates held by both their company and their suppliers. They offer a wide selection of products and extensive experience.

BOHAMET-ARMATURA manufactures a wide range of industrial fittings. Production of cast iron industrial fittings, pipe fittings made of grey and ductile iron for waster and sewage systems. They were the first Polish manufacturer of gate valves with gummed wedge. Mechanical working of their products is carried out at machining centres, with modern, world-class computer-controlled machines. This ensures repetitiveness and precision of the manufacturing process and consequently high quality of their products.
Their wide range of products includes:
• overground and underground hydrants,
• gate valves of various types and sizes,
• IMERA spotters and tapping saddle valves,
• water and hydrant boxes,
• pipe fittings,
• telescopic manholes and covers of various types.

They also offer pipes and pipe fittings made of PVC and PE for water and sewage systems, inspection chambers, sewage treatment plants, fittings made of ductile iron for water supply systems.