The company sells panels that surpass customers’ expectations. It offers wall panel, ceiling panel and A 60 floating floor panels having aesthetic flexibility and made by state-of-the-art specialty. wall panel, ceiling panel and A 60 floating floor panels combine design flexibility, efficiency and performance to create the ultimate envelope solution to the marine industry.

Wall Panel

Marine wall panels are essential for any environment in which fire protection is a high priority, including ships, off-shore oil platforms and marine environments. These panels offer potent fireproofing qualities without the hazards associated with materials like asbestos. They will function flawlessly in high-traffic environments. They are easy to clean. Their color, finish and beauty will last for years. These wall panels are also attractive. You have access to virtually all of our decorative wall panel options including laminates, veneers, galvanized steel and stainless steel for creating a more pleasant environment for those on-board.

Ceiling Panel

To guarantee maximum comfort and safety for passengers and crew members, the marine ceiling panels meet the highest standards of quality. They are fireproof as well as soundproof.

The marine ceiling panels are robustly designed and easy to use. The ceilings consist of metal layers filled with mineral fibre wool. Prefabricated edge profiles guarantee greater robustness, which means that additional wall bracing above the ceiling is not mandatory required. In addition to the standard ceiling fixtures, the panels can also be fitted with tested fireproof inspection hatches.

A60 Floating Floor Panels

The Class A60 floating floor panel is especially designed to soundproof and provide heat insulation in high-risk rooms. It is made from galvanised steel sheets with a thickness of 3 mm and rock wool with a thickness of 60mm and a density of 180 Kg/m3.