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Galley and laundry equipment


USPH or normal standards Aluminox has the know-how to deliver the solution you need. Whether, it is only equipment supply, or a turnkey project we have the experience to meet your expectations.


Galleys and laundries small in size, but  with requirements for heavy duty equipment and ease of use. Aluminox offers you reliable solutions that can cover all your needs, combined with world wide after sales service and a network of agents close to every shipyard.


Aluminox can contribute in each step of your project. The layout design, the engineering, the equipment supply and the installation are some of the main areas where we can make the difference in your project.


Small in space and high in quality, mega yachts represent a special category for galleys. Aluminox has the ability to built compact equipment with high output completely customisable to the available square meters.


With 24 hours operations, offshore requirements are very tough. Aluminox can assist you in the design of the layouts to meet your operational requirements. On top of that, we are Achilles approved and we can deliver your galley according to Norsok.  


Aluminox has directly or through its partners delivered equipment for navy vessels in the past. Based on our experience, we can play an important part to your project, designing the optimal solution.